Thinking about what you should do with your aging computers that are not
capable of running a resource intensive OS like Windows XP? You do not
want to run an out-dated and unsupported (or even illegally pirated) OS like
Windows 98? Well, help the environment and your pocket book by just
installing a version of the Linux Operating System which works on lower
capacity computers. Some popular choices for older computers are…

There are many others, the choice is yours!
The best part is they are ALL FREE!
Do not think that because they are free, they must be junk… these
are some of the most technologically advanced and modern operating systems you
will encounter. Some examples of organizations using Linux on older computers

  • Public Internet access terminal centers
  • “Computers for the poor” programs
  • School labs on a budget (see LTSP)
  • Computer recycling centers

Give Linux a try!



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